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The Krispi application is used to track refrigeration equipment in stores. The simple and clear interface of the browser application shows the status of the entire store's refrigeration equipment at a glance and allows for quick action on any deviations.

With Krispi you can achieve significant savings of up to tens of percent in energy and maintenance costs. In addition the application improves temperature monitoring of the refrigeration units therefore improving product safety. This reduces food waste and makes reporting easy. The savings potential is thousands of euros per year in smaller stores and tens of thousands in larger stores.

Krispi can be bought as a ready-to-use package which includes the Krispi application and cloud service, the Krispi IoT platform and refrigeration optimization.


Choose the most suitable option for your business from our Krispi products

Krispi Tammi background Krispi Tammi

  • The local IoT platform collects data and ensures performance even during network outages
  • Extensively tested and highly reliable hardware solution.
  • Ready platform for other services and integrations

The initial cost 2900 eur
Small shop 35 eur / month
Supermarket 65 eur / month
Hypermarket 99 eur/month

Krispi Symbioosi background Krispi Symbioosi

  • Collects the data through the client's VPN network
  • Does not include an on-site IoT platform
  • The product is fully deployed remotely

No setup fee
Small shop 57 eur / month
Supermarket 87 eur / month
Hypermarket 122 eur / month

Property energy usage monitoring as an additional feature 8 € / month / measurement
Includes monitoring of heating and water consumption in the Krispi application.

Benefits for the customer

  1. Improved product safety and easier reporting

    The temperature history of the refrigeration units is automatically saved in the application and provides easy information to be used as a part of self-monitoring. In addition, store staff is regularly sent summary reports of equipment status and are informed of any changes that may require attention. Well-functioning temperature monitoring improves product safety and reduces food waste.

  2. Reduced maintenance costs

    The Krispi application allows a commercial refrigeration service company to monitor refrigeration equipment remotely. Service visits are reduced and the life cycle of the refrigeration equipment is increased when problems are identified and repaired as they rise.

  3. Reduced energy usage

    Refrigeration optimisation can save up to 10-20% on electricity. Typical refrigeration electricity costs in a supermarket is about € 40,000 a year and potential savings up to € 4,000-8,000. The application allows you to target actions to the properties with the biggest potential savings. In addition, savings already made can be monitored and maintained.



  • Easy browser interface

    The Krispi application works on most common browsers and devices without manufacturer restrictions. The application consists of a map view and a report view that clearly show the temperatures of the various refrigeration units, as well as their deviations from target temperatures.

  • Map view and color coding

    Refrigeration units is indicated by colored circles on a map. The colors represent the temperature of the refrigeration units so that the map gives a clear overview of the store at glance. (red: exceeding the temperature limit or product safety risk, green: safe temperature range, blue: too cold or energy loss)

  • Data security

    The servers are located in a 24/7 supervised data center in Finland. The information content is protected according to the law. The connection between the property, the service and the user is encrypted with strong encryption (SSL). Generic IDs are not required: the users have role-specific personal IDs.


The Krispi application oversees more than 300 properties in Finland, including stores from S Group: hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores and service station stores.

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Krispi started operations in 2016 when Optiwise Oy was founded. The company’s mission is to provide solutions for monitoring and managing building refrigeration and building automation which again indirectly reduce customers’ energy and maintenance costs and increase the value of property.

The Krispi application is to be expanded from the current commercial refrigeration technology tracking application to a complete application for managing an entire property. Intelligent monitoring of the energy usage and conditions of a property can help to control, for example, ventilation, heating, cooling and lighting, and optimise their energy consumption with building automation using artificial intelligence. The goal is to be able to react much faster to deviations in consumption and conditions.

Krispi Oy is owned and operated by Core Factory Oy.

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