Optiwise to be used by Pirkanmaa Cooperative Society

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Pirkanmaa Cooperative Society has decided on expanding the use of Optiwise application to ten new supermarkets. The new properties include Prisma hypermarkets, S-Market supermarkets, Sale grocery stores and ABC service stations as well as a Stockmann Delicacy in downtown Tampere. The Optiwise application will be used to monitor the refrigerators in the store. After this, Optiwise will be used in over 70 stores under Pirkanmaa Cooperative Society.

The Optiwise application is used to monitor the refrigeration temperatures in the store. The simple and clear interface of the browser application shows the status of the entire store’s refrigeration equipment at a glance and allows for quick action on any deviations. Pirkanmaa Cooperative Society utilizes the Optiwise application as part of self-supervision and Oiva-reporting. When temperature monitoring is working as it should, product safety is improved and losses are reduced.

With this expansion Optiwise is now used in all of the S Group’s largest regional co-ops, HOK Elanto and Pirkanmaa Cooperative Society.

Optiwise Oy was established in 2016. Its mission is to provide solutions for monitoring and managing building refrigeration and building automation which again indirectly reduce customers’ energy and maintenance costs and increase the value of property.

More info: Optiwise Ltd, Juho Jakka +358 50 535 4208

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